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Features of the Taifun BTD RDA

– Diameter 22 mm, height 18 mm (without DripTip)
– Food grade materials (stainless steel 1, Ultem, PEEK)
– Ultem insulator built into the cap provides more safety and comfortable
– Adjustable AFC via 4 holes of 2mm
– Bottom Feeder Pin (Squonk Pin) made of stainless steel
– Stainless steel beauty ring 25 mm, closed plus pole screw included

ATTENTION: The positive terminal of the Taifun BTD has a length of approx. 4.2
mm. We ask you to make sure that the BTD is only used on battery carriers with
spring-loaded or adjustable positive pole, as there is a risk that it will
otherwise not get in touch and can not be used.

Scope of supply : 1x Taifun BTD RDA, Beauty Ring 25 mm, spare parts bag

Berat 0.065 kg
Dimensi 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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